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He. Absolutely. CAN.

You have to understand something... I never thought I would get remarried. No way. No how.

And, THIS GUY right here would have been one of the the last ones on my list... if I had one.

Life has taken the last five years to undo everything I thought I knew. The universe has taught me just how wrong all of my assumptions and presumptions were. I always thought I knew certain things emphatically.

Until I finally really got to know Him.

And I realized, in Him, we are LIMITLESS.

Now, I no longer walk through life telling God what He can't do because my life is a walking testament that He. Absolutely. CAN.

Now I look at the crazy-audacious-hugely-insane dreams He's placed on my heart, & with HUGE FAITH, I breath in and know, somehow... someway... the best is still YET to come.

And, dangit, I'm EXCITED!!

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