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I Thought I Was Above It...

To be completely honest, (& I know this is ugly) I thought I was above it.... Legit, I was a Division II soccer player in college. I’d earned a full ride offer to a university in Cali and an almost-full-ride to the school I ended up choosing, all because of academics and athletics. So, when I heard of at-home workouts, I was fairly certain they wouldn’t be “hard enough.” ⁣ And then, later, when I heard about coaching people through the same at-home programs with online bootcamps, I was pretty certain I was over-qualified in one sense and under-qualified in another. I was already running my own business. I was a “real entrepreneur” & I took pride in the fact that I built everything from the ground up. But I realized that pride was SO misplaced when I found running my own business as a solo-entrepreneur wasn’t actually FUN. It was just really, really hard. Lots of overhead costs. LOTS of time. Definitely no fun trips or gifts or recognition or teammates. ⁣ On the other hand, I felt under qualified. All I ended up with degree-wise, thanks to my auto immune disease kicking my butt in school, was an associates degree... in business. Not nutrition. Not fitness. Am I actually cut out for this? What do I have to offer? ⁣ I was so skeptical of the workouts & superfood shakes particularly. But, three months later, when I placed my before and after pictures side by side, I was blown away. ⁣ I was so skeptical of my ability to do this as a career, but three years later, our #MadeforBraveCoaching team is ranked in the top .001% of the company. #46 out of almost half a million teams & this is what my husband and I now both do to support our family. ⁣ I’m so dang GRATEFUL I pushed my INTENSE doubts aside & gave it my all. To say that my life has changed because of ALL of this is an understatement. If we are being honest, everything from my health, my mental state, my friendships & my view on the world has changed for the BETTER. ⁣ SO DANG THANKFUL for this team, these trips & all the incredible things ahead for us!! If you’ve EVER thought about doing what I do, if you’ve ever been skeptical of what I do or if you’re cut out for it, then GIRLLLL, you’re my person & you belong on our team. 🤣 #fullofskeptics #MadeforBrave

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