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Confidence is How You FEEL

I used to think confidence was an icky word. Until I realized that the confident women were the ones I wanted to be friends with, they were the ones I wanted to be like. It doesn’t matter how you look or what you wear or what number is next to your followers list, my friends. Confidence is how you FEEL. It’s a way of life. It’s knowing what you were made for. For me, it’s knowing who I was made BY. 😍⁣ I’ve never been much for fussing over how I look but I have to tell you that I take a little bit of effort now. More than I used to. Even on the days, I’m wearing yoga pants, I make an effort to FEEL GOOD from the inside out because I realized that when I feel good in my body, I am WAY more in tune with my SOUL. ⁣ I no longer waste mental space trying to fit into clothes I don’t like. Or trying to wear styles Im uncomfortable in. I don’t waste time checking my body from all angles and while I still take 20 pictures to get the right selfie, I no longer pick a part every one. And 20 is a whole lot better than 200. Find the things that make YOU feel good. That make YOU feel more like YOU & you’ll find yourself focusing on so much BETTER things, like how to make this one crazy, amazing life count!!! ⁣ #MadeforBrave

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