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Letter to Yourself

Almost every one of us cried. ⁣ The assignment was to write a letter to ourselves & say what we are proud of ourselves for. Then, without knowing we had to, we had to read our letters aloud. ⁣ “I’m proud of you for getting closer to GOD when all you wanted to do was doubt.” ⁣ “I’m proud of you for not letting the TRAUMA in your life define you.” ⁣ “I’m proud of you for TRYING even on the days you want to give up.” ⁣ “I’m proud of you for setting an intentional example for your kids.” ⁣ These are just a few of the examples we heard these incredibly strong women read aloud to themselves through tears, realizing none of us hardly ever give ourselves credit where credit is due. And we’ve been through some HARD ISH. ⁣ The most amazing experience at the end of this little practice in gratitude? ⁣ Each of us looking around and realizing that coaching has encouraged us to GROW in so many ways as human beings.⁣ At no other point in my life would I have thought I would be writing myself a letter listing off what I’ve done that makes me proud at 31 years old, but it’s an idea I got on another coaching retreat. And THESE growth opportunities are so freaking important to me now because I just can’t get over how personal development like this helps change me from the inside out. I’m slowly learning how to TRULY only meditate what is lovely & true & GOOD. Phil. 4:8⁣ At times this coaching journey has been really hard. A handful of times I’ve wanted to quit. And I’m always having to do things that scare me. But every single step outside my comfort zone has been worth it. It all started with one little step. One little yes to an opportunity God about plopped into my lap (welp, technically He plopped it on my FB feed) that ultimately led me to an awesome group of girls like this! ⁣ Always choose growth. You didn’t come this far to ONLY come this far. There are even better things ahead! 😍 #MadeforBraveCoaching

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