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I Chose Differently, You Can Too

Y’all... 3 years into our coaching business & I can tell you, I still don’t LOVE working out.

I DO love the results though. I LOVE having enough energy to chase my kids. I LOVE knowing I’m giving the little babe in my tummy his or her best start in life. And I LOVE knowing I’m doing what I can do to live a long life with my family.

I remember when my doctor used to tell me that I needed to go on a half hour walk a day at LEAST & how IMPOSSIBLE that felt at the time, when I was spending most of every day on the couch. Now, I workout in plain view of my couch for 20-30 minute a day without blinking.

Here’s how... I have access to EASY programs that walk me through every exercise. I stream my trainer right to my tv. I don’t have a commute. Or an excuse. It’s just like brushing your teeth. You probably don’t love doing it, but you do anyway because you don’t want to have to visit the dentist more than you need to. Y’all, the same is true of our physical health.

Workout & eat right not to LOOK a certain way, but to stay out of the drs office!! I can’t tell you how important this is to me. Eating nutritious WHOLE foods, working out... it won’t make you invincible, it doesn’t mean it will protect you from every ailment & yeah, you’re still going to age. BUT, taking care of yourself through the process means you are at least doing everything YOU can do to show God you care about this beautiful life He granted you with.

If nothing else, get off the couch today and get moving for those who REALLY don’t have a choice. I used to think I was one of those people... because of my back pain, because of my genetics, because of my auto immune disease... Until I chose differently.

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