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Choose Hope

I'm over here all about wedding-invitations-and-makeup-and-moving-to-my-dream-house-with-my-dream-man plans... I talk a lot about the things that make me happy because I THINK A LOT about the things that make me happy.

I don't ignore the things gone wrong that scare me right out of my mind: my husband and best friend dying, my scary upcoming doctor appointment, the horrifying Presidential election, Austyn's nonstop recurring cough, the grief that chases me down just when I think I've escaped, my friends with severe cancer diagnoses, or the hurt souls that contact me seeking answers... That SHIT doesn't fade into the background so much as I occasionally CHOOSE to FORCE the negative thoughts OUT OF MY HEAD by thinking POSITIVELY about the subject. I experience the raw, sickening, horrifying emotions WHEN I NEED TO but I don't stay there long!!! Because I've found that the negative things you choose to focus on, will eat up your heart. They will eat up your days. They will eat up your WHOLE life if you aren't careful. Be mindful. Choose hope. Be happy. Control your thoughts... Because what is in your head WILL go to your heart.

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