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From Our Family to Yours...

Merry Christmas, Friends. 🎄 Some Christmases can be HARD. Maybe this is your first Christmas without a loved one. Maybe you don't know what to do, with Christmas gifts missing, and an extra chair at the table. Maybe this is your first Christmas without family. Maybe you're surrounded by things unfamiliar and empty rooms. Maybe this Christmas feels like an arrival at a crossroads. Maybe it feels like you're standing at a station and you aren't sure which train to board. Whatever this Christmas looks like for you. Know that it's OKAY. It's OKAY if it's not really what you wanted. It's OKAY if it doesn't feel or look perfect. It's OKAY if you DON'T feel okay. Hold onto the memories you have. Light a candle for those you've lost. Cry. Try a new tradition. Laugh till your stomach hurts. Make a PLAN for the things you CAN control next year. & LET GO of EVERYTHING you can't. It's OKAY if Christmas just feels okay... Because, the MIRACLE doesn't have to be in the next gift you recieve. The miracle has already been given & that MIRACLE is BELIEF. 💖 May the coming day bring you joy as you consider that the greatest gift that's ever been given... was GIVEN to YOU. 🎁 Sending SO MUCH love to you and yours. Merry Christmas. 💕

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