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Getting Deep

Reading posts in the #21DaystoFitwithAlyssa challenge group today... it's got me thinking HARD. We don't ONLY focus on fitness in these groups. Sometimes, we GO DEEP. 🌊 We explore. We open up. We learn things about ourselves & share things that we might've otherwise kept LOCKED UP tight. 🔒 But there is such FREEDOM in the sharing. And the connections we make here. The acceptance. The VULNERABILITY. THIS is the stuff I crave now. REAL. RAW. AUTHENTIC. Because, what is life if you NEVER REALLY know who the people are that you are living it with??? 🙅🏼 You NEVER EVER EVER know what kind of story people are living. 🙅🏼 You NEVER know what battles people are fighting. I'm so HONORED to be surrounded by such AMAZING & BRAVE individuals. FREAKING HONORED. 😌 I cannot tell you guys how HUMBLED I am to be in a group for 21 Days with people like THIS. Honestly... I'll always be forever GRATEFUL for the stories that get shared each month & for the loving "arms" of those in the group, accepting & encouraging the others. We are here to lift each other up. Not just in fitness, but in LIFE. 😍 And, folks, I am SO DAMN GRATEFUL for these people that allow each of us (including ME!!) to be *human.* "What we don't need in the midst of struggle is shame for BEING HUMAN." -Brene Brown What we do need is LOVE. ❤️ #madeforbrave #prolove

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