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STOP RIGHT THERE!! ✋🏼 . Don't you look at my pictures, my words or my social media account & think, "that could never be me." . HONEST-TO-GOD (& He is a big deal to me...) Where I am now WAS NOT even a POSSIBILITY in my mind a little over a year ago! 🤷🏼‍♀️ . Before ABS, there was UNBELIEF that I would EVER be able to be healthy again. . Before BEAUTY, there was a time where my entire world consisted of CHARRED ASH. . Before ENERGY, I was a 27 year old who was freaking EXHAUSTED every day of my life. . DO NOT compare your life to mine. DO NOT compare your BEFORE's to my AFTER's. 🙅🏼 . I USED to be negative & unhappy. And if I'm being honest, a little jealous. I saw others living in the present, with energy out the ying yang & I wanted that, too!! BUT, I thought it was completely out of my reach. . I was a single widowed working momma with an "incurable" auto immune disease. I would NEVER get to live the life I wanted to live. . At least, that's what I thought then... 💁🏼 . Limiting self beliefs are almost ALWAYS with you if you aren't aware of them. But, seek them out & bring them into the light... & you'll see just how FAKE they truly are. . ✨ There is NO LIMIT on what you can accomplish. And you can become EXACTLY who you always wanted to be. ✨ . Take it from the girl who never thought she's be able to stop being NEGATIVE about EVERYTHING.... because it was just *who she was.* . CHANGE is ABSOLUTELY possible! You just have to BELIEVE. ☺️

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