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2 Dads, 1 Special Girl

Austyn looked up at Jay when he was getting her ready for church today &, as she often does, brought attention to the important. . "Daddy..." ... she waits two heartbeats & then, once she knows she has his full attention, "I REALLY love you." . He reciprocated, as per usual & then used the opportunity today to remind her that her "Dad in Heaven" loves her, too. #heartmelted . I'm DAILY reminded just how BLESSED I am to have this second chance at love & this glorious put-back-together-messy-beautiful life. . SO DANG BLESSED that THE guy in our life knew & loves my late husband almost as much as we do. These last two years have been nothing short of the start to a PERFECT second chapter for us two girls. . The BEST dads are the ones who don't expect anything from their children in exchange for their unconditional love. . The BRAVEST dads are the ones who love their children as their own, no matter whose they actually are. . The SMART dads are the ones who love their wives well in part because they want to show their children what HONEST love looks like. . CHEERS to all the amazing dads out there. . & an extra special shout out to the man who chose me AND my daughter to love forever-more. . You're truly a special guy, babe. You're the BEST, BRAVEST & SMARTEST man that I know & we are SO blessed by you!! . Happy First Official Dad's Day, Jay Galios!! . #adoption #happyfathersday

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