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Coasting gets you nowhere..

It was FUTILE. ALL of IT.... WHY EVEN TRY?!?! I had EVERY excuse in the book to "coast" on just as I was. To watch Netflix every single night, to eat icecream from the couch, to drown my sorrows in too-much-wine. 🍷 I honestly had every excuse in the book to let EVERYTHING stay like this. I mean, I wasn't FALLING APART, but I was BARELY holding it together. I was a widowed single mom to a T-O-D-D-L-E-R, though, you know? Being a single parent is HARD work. I didn't have "TIME" for self-improvement or learning how to forgive those that judged me or healthy food options or prayer or "self-care" or meditation or working out or starting my own business or none of dat crap. NOPE. NOT ME. 🙅🏼 I was doing "my best." And that was good enough right?! I mean, I was making it by... I was paying my bills. I was taking care of my little girl every day, tucking her in at night & making her breakfast in the morning. Didn't matter what I did while she was sleeping sweetly, right? WRONG. I LACKED balance. My life was GO GO GO trying to make ends meet & keep all the plates spinning! I was sick, exhausted, & tired by 4pm everyday. I was UNINSPIRED by my work. I lacked PASSION or PURPOSE for what I was doing. Once we *finally* made it to bedtime, I would self-Medicate by DISTRACTING myself with anything and everything else. As a child, I had felt that I was meant for something greater... but was ABOUT READY to write it off as a PIPEDREAM. That mustn't have been God.... musta been wishful thinking or bad chicken. 😂 I wanted to be BETTER, HEALTHIER, STRONGER, CLOSER to God than I had ever been before. I wanted to impact people. But, NOW how would I do ANY of that?! I couldn't. I wasn't possibly BRAVE enough, STRONG enough, SMART enough & I SURE didn't have enough ENERGY. I wanted to set an EXAMPLE for my daughter of someone who THRIVES through adversity instead of simply surviving. BUT I just couldn't see how that would happen... Then, enter the most unlikely SUSPECT... the EXACT tools & friendships I needed to make all those dreams come true. I firmly believe God PLANTED the tools to RISE ABOVE, in one fell swoop. Right into my lap. KER-PLUNK. And there it was. 😍 And, guess what guys?! It's been one year since He started REALLY working on me... and He AIN'T FINISHED YET. Not with me. & NOT. with. YOU.

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