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You're Blessed. You're Enough. You're Worth it!

Sometimes Facebook turns into FAKEbook, but not here, not now... I'm about to spill.

A little over five years ago, I was going through my first miscarriage with my first & late hubby, Nick Magnotti. I had HATED my body at that time. LOATHED IT & I had a downright verbally ABUSIVE relationship WITH MYSELF, to boot. 😩

"My body can't even do what it was made to do. I don't know anything, apparently, not even how to grow a baby in my own tummy, the most natural thing you can do."

"I'm obviously not smart enough to be a mom. I'm not pretty enough to be liked & I'm not a good example. My kids would hate me."

"Plus, God must have known I wouldn't be a good mom because I'm always sick. I'm so freaking tired all the time. I wouldn't be able to take care of a baby anyway...."

I have NOT always loved my body. Heck, most of my life, I've barely even liked it. And, at this point, around 24 years old, I HATED it. I hated me.

I CHEWED myself up after that first miscarriage. I was downright DISGUSTED with my physical self for what I had "failed" to do.

Let me tell you guys something, though.... this last October, almost 5 years later, to the date, I miscarried again. With my second chapter, Jay Galios.

But, this time, how I treated ME was WORLD's different.

I LOVED on my body through it. I thanked God for a body that did its dang best. I thanked God that I knew I was taking the best care of myself possible so I KNEW that my body did its best. 🙏🏼

I LOVED on all the things I *could* do. Even if I lost another sweet soul to Heaven, I WAS a mom again. And, my body had allowed me to do that.

I had two legs, so I PRAISED God for giving me those legs that worked!

I had eyes to see, ears to hear, hands to work, & I was smart enough to at least change my way of thinking. 💪🏼

And, as HARD as October was, and it was REAL HARD.... I didn't have to fight myself.

Instead, I fought FOR ME.

Because, I finally realized that I WAS enough. And that I AM WORTH FIGHTING FOR.

It doesn't matter the issues, illnesses, diseases, the losses, the deaths, the darkness or whatever else the devil tries to throw at me. #nottodaydevil


Do you know this, too? Do you know that YOU are worth it?

No matter your size, your shape, your height, what your body can or can't do.

You. Are. Worth. It. ✨

Now, start actin like you know it.

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