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NEW Book Releasing Soon!

There are SO MANY people who have seen the video my late husband, Nick Magnotti, did for our baby girl. Nick's story has been condensed into a 4 minute clip on all sorts of sites & has gathered over 150 MILLION views in total. INSANE for something we weren't even sure we would share with our family, let alone the world. If you HAVEN'T seen it yet, though... Here you are. Maybe grab some tissues (I warned ya!) & then READ ON: 🤗

It's a beautiful, short representation of ONE aspect of a truly amazing guy & an incredible story...But, what's the REST? •What's BEHIND the story? •WHO was this man with great faith? • Where did his faith COME FROM? •What happened AFTER he was gone...? •How did I get to where I am TODAY? The book I'm working on has all of these answers and more. I want to walk you guys through it all because there is SO MUCH more to the story than what meets the eye. Moments that are nothing short of miraculous, insane plot twists I never saw coming & the story of a short life well-lived and a life that kept on going. 🙏🏼I'm honored to have a team of people helping me get Nick's story, MY story.... into the hands of the people who want it!! 💕 I will not post about it TOO MUCH on social media... But, I PROMISE to keep those on our email list the FIRST to be in the know, the PEOPLE I call on when I need some crowd-sourced help, & the BEAUTIFUL souls who get to really walk on this journey with me! 🙆🏼 In other words.. >>> Get YO'SELF on this list!! <<< (This is Specifically for the BOOK!!! You can still subscribe to regular MFB updates through the subscribe button on this site.) I can't promise you much with this thing, but I can promise you that I am putting my whole SOUL into it. And, if you are, you can unsubscribe (ah, the magic of the interwebs). But, dang, I would MISS you!! 😘 Happy THURSDAY, world!! 🌎 Today will be as INCREDIBLE as you want it to be... 💫

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