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Don't Embrace Excuses, Embrace Solutions.

I used to use EVERY EXCUSE in the book NOT to take care of myself.

🚫 I was SICK all the time. 😷 🚫 I was a SOLO parent. 👩‍👧 🚫 I didn’t have the TIMMMMME. ⏰ 🚫 I was SOOO TIRED everyday! 😴 🚫 I didn’t have the MONEY! 💰

Now?? You guys I could EASILY pull so many excuses back out!

✅ I’m PREGNANT! 🤰 ✅ I have a LIFE!! 🤗 ✅ I have a CRAY toddler! 💃🏻 ✅ I’m BUSY writing my book. 👩🏼‍💻 ✅ It’s CHRISTMAS-TIME!! (So NO time & NO money 😂)

What I NEVER realized in my past life is that it does NOT need to be complicated, expensive OR time consuming!!! 😲 WHATTTT?!

Yup >>> You heard me right!! 🎉

Our NEXT 21 Days to Fit Group is opening up right on the tail of our last because these things fill so fast! 🙌🏼 Meal plans 🥗, 30 minute workouts 🏋🏻‍♀️, && the secret sauce: FUN ACCOUNTABILITY that WORKS 👯‍♀️!!

Limited spaces available for babes out there who are SICK of just getting by in life and want to feel INCREDIBLE! ✨

First come, first serve! 👌🏼 Message me for details or comment below! 💕

#MadeforBrave #21DaystoFitwithAlyssa