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How I Made it Back to HIM

When Nick was passing, His faith was SO DEEP but mine started seriously being called into question entirely…

I’d soon reach a crossroads and decide that I needed to start back at Square one. That I needed to UN-BELIEVE everything I thought I knew and figure out IF there really IS a creator AND what He’s actually like.

I talk about the rest of this journey a lot in the book, my move to Florida, my young single widowed mom life, and my search for the Source of All.

I ended up in a spectacular place where I'm in CONSTANT contact with the One who made me and I can't imagine living without Him… And... I TRULY found His love and believed in Him again to provide all that I need (which I finally realized was really ONLY HIM).

THEN, when I started EXPECTING miracles, I started seeing them. ✨

And they ALL rolled in after that... I’ve been blessed with an unexpectedly beautiful remarriage, getting pregnant with my second, launching an online coaching business and divine help with writing this book. 💕

My relationship with God, in fact, the spiritual shift thats occurred these last 7 years is the MAIN focus of this book. My audience isn't just for people who believe but people of all or no religions as well. I want to walk you through HOW I discovered this true God, and it took me going through an intense period of trial and doubt… and purposeful rediscovery, to find Him. I’d hope, by walking you through my journey, it might make yours easier in someway.

I illustrate the IMMENSE change in life in these pages. My transformation these last seven years has come full circle, I'm a different person from the inside out and it all started with my HEART... and balancing my BODY & MIND, too. 🙏🏼

I get messages every day from people asking me questions about Nick, about my life now, about health and fitness, about my journey... But, the question I get MOST often is about my FAITH, from people from all over the world, from every walk of life and background. They want to know about the God I serve and HOW I made it back to him.

We live in a time now where people's faith is being TESTED and its being called into question. So many bad things happen in this world and people question if God exists... They question His goodness. As did I. My book is meant to be a beacon of hope. It's meant to show the world that He is WORTH seeking out. And, just how INCREDIBLE of a story He can spin out of even the worst... if you let him. My life and journey has been FULL of incredible MIRACLES and I share those in the pages of the book. 📖

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I want to share this story... because I truly believe I was BORN to share it. 💕

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