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Working from Hawaii ain't for everyone - but maybe it IS for you?

There were a COUPLE reasons we picked Disney Aulani Resort & Spa for our family vacay... 🤗

ONE because the luxury resort is absolutely BREATHTAKING, down to every single detail. Our friends Tiffany & Josh introduced me to its magic years ago... Big on Hawaii 🌴 with a touch of Disney, supreme class & superb customer service. 💆🏼‍♀️

TWO because the kid’s stuff available is TOP NOTCH! Endless water slides, a lazy river, an insane number of pools, at resort scuba diving, and a water jungle gym... PLUS, mom & dads favorite part 😉... a beach house where she can go play with other kids & do crafts with Disney characters while us adults sneak off for alone time. 👫

THREE because Little Emery is just TWO MONTHS away from gracing us with her presence! Our last family trip as a family of three!! We knew that we would remember this experience forever and surely our little girl would, too! 💕

And, sure enough, when she got to meet her favorite Disney character #moana, she was sooo dang thrilled. Afterward, she said, “I’m going to remember this day forever and ever!!!” 🙌🏼 #goalachieved

We decided we NEEDED some sun three weeks ago. And, for the first time EVER, we had NO BOSSES to ask, no MEETINGS to miss, no PLANS to break that couldn’t be scooted just a little. 💁🏼‍♀️ Seriously SO DANG INCREDIBLE that a little “fitness coaching” side gig turned into a lifestyle like this... y’all, I didn’t even KNOW what “fitness coaching” was 2 years ago!!

And, now, we living the dream. 😍

I don’t share this stuff to brag, y’all. I share it BECAUSE I want y’all to know that THIS could quite possibly be **YOUR THING** too! ✨ We are starting a new coach training SOOON & we are so dang thrilled to help as many people as we can jump on this train with us... REACH OUT if you want more info! 🙋🏼‍♀️

Ps. We have FIVE DAYS left in this incredible place... & so far, Aulani has TOTALLY lived up to the hype. 👍🏼

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