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When You're Out of Sync

I woke up today in a TOTAL FUNK! 👎🏼

I got my workout done and I felt BETTER afterward, but still not like my regular happy self.

My two babes I’ve lost to miscarriage were on my mind this morning & the thought of Nick caring for them with our Papa in Heaven didn’t bring me as much peace as usual. 😢 Because ALL THE NOISE the world keeps making about how BAD it really is can keep a woman down.

Then I realized something... after our trip to L.A. a week ago, I hadn’t gotten back to my routine yet. I was still doing my workouts but it was an in-between week for our Virtual Fit Tribe & I didn’t check in with them, get to love on them & have them love on me. I let my nutrition slip a bit this last week, too. But, ASIDE from these things, my RELATIONSHIP with my CREATOR was pushed to the back burner. 😬

I’ve been so busy since we got back! 💃🏼Celebrating our latest promotion, dealing with an uptick in business, getting ready for the baby, working on the book, & being a mom & wife, that I had let the MOST IMPORTANT things slip.

#1: My relationship with the one who Created the Universe. This relationship KEEPS me GROUNDED, it gives me HOPE, it helps me see the big picture even when Today might not be going my way. 🙏🏼

#2: My relationship with myself. I wasn’t committed to bettering ME this last week, I was committed to checking off TO DO LIST items & showing up for OTHERS but not myself. 🤷🏼‍♀️

If I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. The BEST THING you can do in this life is MAKE SURE that YOU are taking care of YOU first. SO FREAKING GLAD for a new round of our 21 Day Virtual Fit Tribe! Because if ANYTHING can help you get back on track with your goals (spiritual, physical or otherwise), it’s doing LIFE with other people striving to do the same! 🙌🏼

You guys, I was NOT my best me this last week... FESSING UP. But, I spent time in TRUTH today, in PRAYER, & in RELATIONSHIP with my TOP TWO.

And, you know what?! I’m feeling a HELLUVA lot better!! 😇

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