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Don't Let the Start Stop You

I’ve been thinking a lot about purpose... About how much I used to LONG for it. And, about how I wouldn’t have ever found mine unless I surrendered. 🙏🏼

>> Put your HANDS UP. 🙌🏼

When you follow the whispers calling you to MORE, telling you that you were MADE to live a BRAVE life... you might be confused by the shape of the path. 🤔 A few too many left turns & you might be afraid you’ve been lost forever.... but really, you might just be lost FOR: GOOD.

Every single step & every single confusing bend of your journey could lead you to here, a place where even your past becomes clear in your previously blurry rearview mirror. 💁🏼‍♀️

The Creator won’t lead you to a place of confinement or permanent sad. He won’t lead you to a place of lack. If you’re in that place, rest assured that HE didn’t lead you there... and maybe you got yourself in that mess. The good news is, even if he didn’t get you there.... at any moment, he can take you OUT!! He will lead you to FREEDOM. 😍

And, that freedom might be disguised first as a train to nowhere, it might look like a dead end, or it might look like a mountain that you don’t have the strength to climb. 🧗🏼‍♀️

But, reach out, let go, surrender to the one who Created it all.... & be prepared for Love to sweep you off your feet & give you a purpose beyond your wildest dreams. ✨

It all begins in your HEART. It all begins with ONE solitary step in the right direction. 👌🏼

Don’t let the start stop you. 💕

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