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Trusting His Timing

While you wait, whatever you do... do not lose heart. 💕

Last night, little Emmy tricked me with hours of false labor! Contractions 5 minutes apart for FOUR hours! 🤰 I thought for sure she was coming, it hurt a lot less than with Austyn but so has EVERYTHING with this pregnancy. 🤗With Austyn (my first babe), EVERY CONTRACTION, even Braxton Hicks, put my back on fire. A 100 out of 10 on the pain scale.

I started having INTENSE back pain with Austyn at 14 weeks pregnant & it lasted until I gave birth & BEYOND. So I wasn’t sure what to expect with this baby. I’m not really sure I’ll have anything to compare it to, because last time ALL I could feel was the horrific knife stabbing pain in my back. 🔥

Anyway, last night, we called the nurse & decided we should to try to go to sleep since they weren’t really getting closer together. I figured if I could sleep, I wasn’t close enough to labor anyway... 🙉

Sure enough, I fell asleep 😴 & woke up 8 hours later... No baby. (#obvi) And, minimal contractions. 🤷🏼‍♀️

I’m far enough along (no matter which due date we go off of 😂) that baby would be just fine but I’m totally okay with her cooking a little longer. 👌🏼

We are in the process of hiring an assistant for our business & I’ve got a “few” other things to keep me more than occupied over the next few weeks... #mombosslife

But, I would ALSO be just fine meeting her NOW. 👶🏼

>> T R U S T I N G H I S T I M I N G. <<

& never losing heart... even though I know our hearts might BURST from the excitement of meeting our little girl! 🙉

Whatever Y O U are waiting for, I hope you are hopeful. And I hope you NEVER lose heart. 💕

Question for my momma community... What is YOUR false labor or pre-labor story?! Any advice? 😍

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