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Our Health, Togetherness, Kiddos...

THIS LIIIIFE THO!! Here’s a random ramble of thoughts for ya.... 🤷🏼‍♀️

Y’all. It’s not EASY being a new mom, no matter what you do for a living. But I gotta say, my GRATEFULNESS meter is OFF THE FREAKING CHARTS because of this online coaching opportunity & what it’s given my family!!! 😍

(Seriously, God put this RIGHT in my path at JUST the right time! I didn’t even realize something like this existed!!!)

💪🏼 Our HEALTH!! I feel BETTER than ever!! 12 days post partum!! (Kicked my back pain & AI disease in the BOOTAY!!)

🌱 Our TOGETHERNESS!! Who else gets to spend ALL DAY working with their husband on something they are passionate about?!

💗 Our KIDDOS!! The fact that WE get to raise them, every day of their lives... it SLAYS me.

I’m (by choice) back at “work” from home, running these community groups, making my book EVEN BETTER by sharing the life lessons at the end of every chapter with questions to help guide YOU in your journey.... BACK to hanging with my accountability-Babes every single day to help me stay on track with eating DELISH plant based foods & getting pumped for the next program I get to tackle post-baby-Emery.... BACK to soaking up all the GOODNESS that is a life of FREEDOM. ✨

This Made for Brave community, ALL of you who follow me here, or on insta (which is wher I’m much more active), those who have already partnered on their fitness or financial journeys..... YOU are the avocado to my toast. 🥑>>> The work we are doing, the lives we are changing... it blows my mind EVERY DANG DAY!! 🙌🏼

I’ve got a new Fit Tribe launching in just a few weeks & spots are filling up crazy fast! If you’re into being your best self or WISH YOU WERE, then THIS is the group for you! Be surrounded by people who will UPLIFT you & INSPIRE you, have the tools you need to live your BEST life, & then WATCH it take off! 💫

You have no idea what a GATEWAY taking care of YOU can be. It’s a catalyst for BIGGER things. It GROUNDS you in your day so you can be your best for your work, your creativity, your family, your BEST life NOW! ✌🏼

Don’t wait, spots fill crazy fast. Comment below or message me with WHY you want to join us. 👯‍♀️

PUMPED AS HECK to be living this life!! If you aren’t PUMPED to be living yours, time to make a CHANGE. 💃🏼

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