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It takes work!

I used to wonder what made all the best couples tick. Like HOW do some couples seem to have their ISH together while it always felt like my relationships were just so ho-hum...?! 🤔

We talk soooo much about *finding* the right partner, about finding someone who supports you, who gets you, who will random-dance-party with you... (FOUND) but how often do we talk about KEEPING them? How often do we talk about BEING the kind of partner that we hope to keep? 🤷🏼‍♀️

A happy relationship doesn’t just HAPPEN, you guys. A happy relationship is CHOSEN & then worked TOWARD every single day by both parties. Anyone’s Instagram account that says otherwise hasn’t lived enough life yet, is lying or is straight up bat ish cray cray. 🙊

I’m a little older and a LOT wiser this go-round. I’m 30 years old & in my second marriage. Not because we failed at the first, but because my first keeper-of-a-husband left this world much too quickly. He left it before I really ever even got to prove to him that I could be a wife worth working for. 😔

And while it BLOWS I never got that chance with Nick, I’m plenty glad I’ve learned from some of our previous mistakes. 💕

Because when life gets tough, when you’re facing impossible tragedies or attempting to beat the 50% or raising kids together... or all of the above... you BETTER be ready to put in the work! On your relationship... which means, also, on bettering YOURSELF so that you show up to the table with everything you’ve got. 👌🏼

Because the kind of partner you’re looking for & the one that you hope to keep... that person deserves the BEST version of you that you can give. Not tomorrow, not next month or next year... not once you’ve finished this job or that project. But NOW. 💁🏼‍♀️

Because, y’all... The IMMENSE privilege of getting to KEEP our loved ones close is a privilege that will NEVER EVER be guaranteed. ✨

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