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Be stubborn about your goals but FLEXIBLE about your methods. 🙌🏼

REALITY??? Jay & I are supposed to be on an airplane right now to Riveria Maya on a PAID trip to an INCREDIBLE resort where our suite had its own private pool & SWIM UP entrance! 🤩

Y’all have heard of FOMO right?! Fear of missing out. Well, what about FOPO?! Fear of other people’s opinions. Let me touch on that last one for a hot sec. ☝🏼

Three years ago, I was ready to enroll in LIFE COACHING school & planned to open my own biz with my degree. And, while there’s nothing wrong with traditional life coaching by any means... I’m SO GLAD the universe threw a HUGE WRENCH in my plan in the form of a FB post like this!! 🔧

I was suffering PHYSICALLY from my auto immune disease and was so tired everyday! I had NO TIME for a gym!! #singlemomlife So, randomly I decided to try a FB accountability group! I NEEDED to get my health in line if I was going to launch my own business! 😬

Previous to this, I had NO IDEA online accountability groups were a thing. I definitely didn’t know if it would ACTUALLY work. 🤷🏼‍♀️

But it did help - TREMENDOUSLY - after three weeks, I felt amazing! After six weeks, I felt like I could conquer the world!! & THEN I realized that the coaches who lead these groups, even just part time, can make some serious DOUGH... 😲

I started drooling. Not because of the MONEY but because of the TIME!! ⏱

So, I started day-dreaming about being able to coach part time with NO start up costs, doing something I loved that helped me so much, AND have the time to write my book.... Instead of working my a* off launching a traditional business, having to go to an actual office, work 50+ hours a week, & take YEARS to repay my school & business loans. 🤗

But, as soon as I started thinking about TRYING this thing.... I started getting BIG TIME FOPO! Fear of other people’s opinions. 😱

What would my friends think?! What would my family think?! Instead of being a total BA soloprenuer, I was going to join a COMMUNITY of coaches & have MASSIVE HELP getting started. Did that make me lame? Weak? Just like everybody else? 👎🏼

When it came down to it... What was stopping me?? Why was I scared?? PRIDE. Pure and simple. I wanted to prove I could do it alone & thought people might think I was LESS THAN for taking the help. 🤦🏼‍♀️

Then I realized its NOT weak to want COMMUNITY. It’s NOT weak to KNOW your goals & give them the PRIORITY over what other people think. 🙉

The longer I chewed on it & the more I got to know the incredible peeps in this community, the LESS I cared what other people thought.

Because I knew I could impact FAR MORE people with a coaching business like THIS. 👌🏼

NOW>> Almost two years into this business.... Here’s the truth: I’m SOOOO FREAKING GLAD I chose correctly!! ✨

The RESULTS I’ve been able to get in my own life through our Fit Tribes (mindset, spirit, & health wise), the friends I’ve been able to make, && the MONEY (I hate talking money but it’s the truth) that wouldn’t have been possible with a traditional business model >> These things have afforded me a life I couldn’t have possibly imagined if I had done this alone. Not. Even. Close. 💁🏼‍♀️

And, the FUNNNN I have every day!!! Omgawsh, you guys!! I never even KNEW!!

Not only do I get to use my skills as a life coach, I get to help people PURPOSEFULLY reach their mind, BODY & soul HEALTH GOALS! And then SHOW THOSE who want to, how to pay this gift of FEELING AWESOME forward to reach their fulfillment & financial goals TOO! 💪🏼✨

And... on TOP of all that... one of the main companies we partner with doesn’t hold back with the way they reward the coaches who SHOW UP! The more people you SERVE, the more you get paid. (IE. YOU control your income.) And, then, just like a cherry on top.... they throw in gifts... like INCREDIBLE TRIPS!!! 🏝

& I don’t have any FOMO about ANYTHING anymore. #freebird I’m just SO DANG GRATEFUL!!! Plus, there’s PLENTY of other “work” trips coming! 🔥(June is next!!! 🏎)

And, I’m definitely not FOPO anymore, either >> because this SAME opportunity is what allows my hubby and I to both stay home with our girls!! 😭🙏🏼😭

Don’t give up on a dream just because of what other people might think... or you might just end up with a case of EXTREME FOMO, one that you just can’t cure. 💕

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