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BEFORE: I was OBSESSED with ME. Let me explain... I took NO TIME for myself or my health (& took a weird sort of pride in it 🙄) but I was always thinking about MYSELF. >> About how BAD my back hurt, how TIRED I was, when I could have my NEXT coffee, counting the hours til I could change into sweatpants, scheduling doctors APPOINTMENTS & massages just so I could barely function, filling my PRESCRIPTIONS, WORRYING about my health, joining in on the complain train whenever anyone talked about energy or SORE joints or TIRED muscles, nursing my HEADACHES, and then raiding my closet for HOURS just to find something that I felt sort of comfortable in. YOU DONT HAVE TIME for a HEALTH TRANSFORMATION??? YOU THINK PEOPLE who WORKOUT are VAIN? Real talk, here, folks... but NOPE. I CAN be harsh with you guys because I USED to think that way too but I had it... ALL WRONG!! Pay attention to how many times YOU look in the mirror this week, how many EVENTS you SKIP (or attend grumpily) because you don’t have the energy or can’t find anything to wear, & then COUNT how many times you yell at your kids, snap at your spouse, or commit an act of road rage because you’re in PAIN or because you’re DISAPPOINTED in yourself. 😟 YES, it IS HARD to go outside of your comfort zone... But, you know what ELSE is HARD?? Staying where you are when you KNOW you can do better. #MadeforBraveFitness

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