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Count Your Blessings Then Recount

I could easily look at this photo & call to mind all of the NEGATIVE things surrounding it.

Like the fact that it took us AT LEAST 20 pics to get this one “Golden” shot. That originally Austyn was standing in front of us & Em kept kicking her sister right in the head. The fact that Austyn was getting unreasonably mad about it. 👿

All of that stuff is TRUE. And I could call to mind all of that anytime I look at this picture if I chose. BUT, on the flip side, I could ALSO choose to focus on the good.

The fact that my heart literally burst with a hundred new reasons to love my husband on this day, even though we argued. That my five year old daughter who has been through almost every hard thing with me still has a smile that’s brighter than a thousand stars. The fact that our little beat up family of two has somehow blossomed into a family of four.... a beautiful baby in my arms, the one we didn't lose, the one that we prayed and prayed and prayed for. 🙏

What you focus on EXPANDS.

If you don't believe me, TRY IT. Count your blessings, my friends. Then... do a RECOUNT.

Whatever you choose to see as a blessing, so it is. 💕

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