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What Do You Have to Lose?!

“Well, what do you have to lose??”

A little over two years ago, this guy and I weren’t even married yet but he was already encouraging me to take BRAVE leaps.

I’d been stuck in an endless cycle of being SICK & TIRED & DEPLETED of ENERGY & I was DYING to get some sort of motivation back. The gym wasn’t working. The doctors’ meds weren’t really working. My “eating clean” intentions weren’t quite panning out.

Jay had been listening to me voice my concerns all afternoon. I wanted to sign up for an “online fitness accountability group” but I was as SKEPTICAL as they come. What if it was just another thing I tried that didn’t work?? What if I didn’t get any results?? What if I wasted my money??

“If it doesn’t work, you get a full refund, right?! I think you should just go for it!”

I decided to take Jay’s words to heart & make the leap. I cast my INTENSE SKEPTICISM aside & joined, deciding to go all in with my workouts, the shakes, the meal plan, EVERYTHING. After all, I had nothing to lose. My biggest fear was failure but I decided not to tell anyone other than my boyfriend that I’d joined... just in case. Because chances were this thing was going to let me down.

Fast forward just about FOUR MONTHS & you would NEVER EVEN guess it!! I had gotten SUCH incredible results & fallen SO in love the superfood shakes & this INCREDIBLE community of insanely motivated & inspiring individuals that I decided I wanted to pay-it-forward & launch my OWN fit tribe, you know... as a fun “side-hobby” that would help keep me in shape.

LITTLE DID I KNOW that the ripple effect of Jay’s words over two years ago would lead to me starting my own little fitness groups & become the TIDAL WAVE of change in our lives now.

Today, we are BOTH coaching “full” time & officially leading an ELITE team of over 450 coaches, creating a six figure income RIGHT FROM HOME.

Two years ago, I HAD NO IDEA that that one little decision of whether or not I would join a weird thing called an “online fitness challenge group” could MAKE our future dreams come true. ✨

ETERNALLY grateful God put this bestie & business partner of mine into my life at the PERFECT TIME... There was a lot of wisdom in his question two years ago.

“What do you have to lose??”

- - - PS. I gotta protect my booty & make the lawyers happy plus the LAST thing I want is people thinking a business like this just LANDS in your lap because yes you do actually have to WORK for it if you want to go big. Obviously no level of success or income is ever guaranteed from the Coaching Opportunity. Each Coach’s income always directly depends on his or her own efforts, diligence and skill.

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