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I feel like a kid at Christmas!!! ⁣✨🎄 ⁣ Y'all know how Made for Brave Fitness earned thee MOST EPIC milestone ever as a team just a few weeks back?! Well, one of the things that came with locking in that milestone so early in the year is a leadership retreat with LITERALLY the tippy tip top performers in our online coaching world. ⁣✈️ ⁣ I. Am. FREAKING. Floored. I won't be just learning FROM these leaders, but ALONGSIDE them, AND... I have never been more humbled in my life. I'll be surrounded by people that I have looked up to since the day I found out that being an online fit coach was a legit career (which honestly wasn't all that many months ago). ⁣ ⁣ I have no doubts that this will be another LIFE CHANGING opportunity, brought to me by the ripple effect of deciding to get my health in order. Jay & I board our plane about a week from now & I 100% am starting to lose sleep because I am SO. DANG. EXCITED!!! ⁣😍

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