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I’m not typically the kind of person who’s gonna back down from a fight. ESPECIALLY not the fight for my life. ⁣ But, I *ALMOST* gave up for a second there. My husband had died over a year before, taken by cancer at 27 years old. My fairy tale had gone horribly wrong. I would put my daughter to bed at night and wonder, “IS. THIS. IT?!” ⁣ I had dreams. I had plans. But the second she was in bed, the only thing I could start working toward was a comfy spot on the couch. ⁣ I knew I wanted to write a book. I knew I needed to get my health back in order. I knew I wanted to help people & get out of this endless cycle of monotony. ⁣ But after a full day of working, commuting, chasing a toddler, cleaning, & making sure we ate three meals a day... there wasn’t much time or energy for anything else. ⁣ To be honest, I had just about given up on finding purpose beyond just keeping myself & my daughter alive. I wanted MORE but I didn’t know how to find it. I pretty much stopped searching and more often than not, ended the night crying into a pint of Ben & Jerry’s. Because, what was the point of living this life if I wasn’t making the IMPACT I knew I was BORN to make?! ⁣ Then, y’all.... EVERYTHING changed. With ONE seemingly small decision to join a tribe of motivated women who wanted more out of the breaths they took, my life course corrected. ⁣ I took the fight back into my own hands & with God’s help... my future was rewritten. And the new working title was “HOPE.” ⁣ It’s not time to give up, my friend. It’s time to ACCEPT the truth. You were MADE to FIGHT. You were MADE to CONQUER, to figure it out. You are MADE FOR BRAVE. &, girl, there ain’t no stopping you from building the life you want. ⁣ Don’t stop moving. Don’t stop taking chances. You only truly fail if you quit.

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