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Miracles Take A Little Time

Even miracles take a little time. ✨

As we left the park, we asked Austyn if she had fun. She said she didn’t with a frown. So we ask why. “I tripped a lot, mom.” And she did. Our girl has two left feet (rather, one foot that turns in a bit too much so she tends to trip a lot).... but, in the car she was trippin in a whole new way.

“We get to choose what we focus on. So many incredible things happened today. You got to have a donut, go on rides, you got to help your sister, spend time with the princesses, you had an ice cream cone.... so many good things! Maybe you should focus on that?”

About twenty minutes later, when we got back to the hotel... after a short nap in the car, Austyn had reframed it all.

“But do you want to know the best part about today...?”

Jay and I’s eyes connected and we both were sure it had to do with one of the rare sugar-y treats.

“Spending time with you guys... my famwee.”


Coming to this magical place with our fam of four makes this mama’s soul just soar. Squeezing in some life lessons for all of us amidst the chaos is a necessity.

And to think some of our friends will be joining us tomorrow!! Somehow, more adventures (( and I’m sure a few more lessons )) await!!

Hearts. So. Full. 💕

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