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TODAY is a PERFECT Day to Begin

This morning was BONKERS.

But it started off alright. As per usual, I drank my unicorn crack ✨, did my soul study, & crushed my workout all before the kids woke up. I felt so dang thankful when I was done... Thankful for a body I CAN push. Thankful for a fit FAMILY who pushed with me. Thankful for a TEAM of incredible babes who are all working to pay this goodness forward. ⁣ Then, Austyn woke up with a swollen throat. We took her to the doctor &, sure enough, she needed antibiotics. YALL!! In my past life, I wouldn’t have worked out first thing, I would have put it off to LAST on my to do list. And by the end of the day, I would NOT have felt like doing it. I definitely probably would have crushed a pint of Ben & Jerry’s instead because what’s the point of trying after 5pm when you haven’t been trying all day? I used to think self care was SELFISH. But, you guys, I’ve found it’s anything but. Taking care of me first meant I had more patience later. It meant I felt more in control of my emotions. It meant I started my day off with an endorphin rush & a feeling of gratitude instead of emergency mama mode. ⁣ Today, I am SO DANG GRATEFUL for this crazy fitness journey I started two and a half years ago, because I just keep getting smacked in the face with just how IMPORTANT this stuff really is. Self care isn’t selfish my friends. Letting yourself go, being a lesser version of you, a sicker, more tired, less patient, more stressed version of you.... that’s not helping your family, your relationships or your kids. 💕⁣ Being your best you IS the best way to take care of your family. Whatever that looks like for you. And girl, we’ve got your back if you want extra cheerleaders on the way. That’s actually EXACTLY what the Brave Babes Fit Tribes are for. ⁣ We help keep you accountable so you can keep RISING ABOVE whatever the day throws your way!! ✨Send me a message if you want in babe, or fill out the form in my bio. It’s never too late to get started. And TODAY is a PERFECT day to begin.

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