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An Inspiring Message

The very things that were meant to hold you down, will eventually lift you UP. ✨⁣ Who would have known a movie about a baby elephant with huge ears would have such an inspiring message?? 💯⁣ And literally SUCH a true one. I got to share more of my story on our team call tonight. We’ve got 500+ coaches that work with us & to say it’s humbling is an understatement. When I get to share ALL that Gods done in my life, which is a WHOLE LOT. & then when I also get to share what He’s done through this coaching opportunity... It just chokes. Me. Up. ⁣ I used to live a life I never want to replicate. One where I traded dollars for hours & didn’t take care of my body. I ended up losing my husband to cancer & getting diagnosed with an incurable auto immune disease myself, all before I turned 28. ⁣ You better bet that was enough to push me to make changes in my life. And now I’m so dang inspired to be helping other people make changes in theirs too. ⁣ It’s NEVER the size of the mountain that matters, my friend. It’s the size of the FAITH in the one that faces it. 💕

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