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My Takeaways

I’ve got a notebook full of takeaways from this last weekend but if there’s anything that stands out more to me than everything else, it’s how incredibly DIFFERENT each of these coaches is. ⁣ We are battling our own personal battles, everything from crazy schedules to stage IV cancer. We are passionate about our careers writers, teachers, podcasters, and ex-corporate hustlers... we are moms of 2, moms of 3, single babes, married ladies. Cumulatively, we are so many things. Our personalities are so different. Our walks of life are different. Our business journeys are different. But, we are all entrepreneurs. We run businesses we are wildly proud of and incredibly excited about. And we work HARD. ⁣ But that gives us so much room to play hard too. And this weekend was FULL of play. And full of getting to know each other better, of getting to dig into each other’s businesses and help each other make them better. ⁣ I can’t think of anything that compares to sharing LIFE with other women who want to EMPOWER you... SO DANG GRATEFUL for each of these girls & the impact they are making, not just in my life but in SO MANY OTHERS. ⁣ Find yourself a mission & you’ll have something to pursue. Become a part of a community on a mission & you’ll find PURPOSE. ⁣ SO GRATEFUL for this fam. 💕⁣ #MadeforBrave

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