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A Passion & Purpose

Sometimes I wonder what this looks like to those of you on the outside looking in. Because I REMEMBER what I used to think when I saw people posting about their trips & their businesses & their “happy” lives. Point blank: I used to think they were faking it. I didn’t see how PASSION & PURPOSE could collide with something you made money doing. I didn’t realize that there actually were careers out there where your MAIN thing was being the best and healthiest version of yourself (( well, just this one, unless you’re an Olympian )). And I DEFINITELY didn’t think that you could find something that combined both of those things AND gave you an opportunity to TRAVEL. It. Seriously. Just. Still. Blows. My. Mind. But, whats MORE AMAZING than any of the trips that we are earning now is the FULFILLMENT factor. THAT is the reason I kept going BEFORE this opportunity really paid out. And THAT is the reason my little sister here is slaying this business too. Because from DAY ONE, we’ve focused on helping OTHERS. On paying this goodness FORWARD. I just wanted to take a second and tell y’all something about my little sis! She’s on a plane right now, heading to Los Angeles for a New Leader Conference. This is an honor you can earn ONLY ONCE as a coach in our network. Jay & I had the opportunity to go last year &, hands down, it’s been our favorite trip yet. Kinslee will not only get the opportunity to meet more of the corporate folk in the company we partner with and tour headquarters... she will hopefully FULLY REALIZE just how far she’s come! That the hard work & dedication she & her team have put in behind the scenes is truly paying off. Kins... I’m so dang proud of you and the woman you’ve become and the one you’re still destined to become as you chase your dreams all along the way. You amaze me every day, you inspire me, & there isn’t a person in the world I would want to be coaching with more than YOU!!! So so grateful for you!! Enjoy this trip! You SO DESERVE it!!! I. LOVE. YOU!! HUGE CONGRATS to this girl & her team!! I’m literally so excited to see all the incredibleness that is still to come! I KNOW this is just the TIP of the iceberg for our Made for Brave Team!! PS. If you’re interested in learning more about what we do & if this might be the right fit for you, we are always just a message away. 💕 #MadeforBrave

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