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I Am Made For Brave

“I finally stopped trying to create a roar in my life louder than the questions... I felt like my life depended on the answers, because if God was just a big-day-meany, then things were going to change.” -#MadeforBraveBook”⁣ ⁣⁣ Does God actually exist? ⁣ Does He love us? ⁣ How could He, when so much of this world has seemingly gone to crap? ⁣ Maybe you’ve avoided asking the BIG questions... maybe you’ve tried to convince yourself that the answers don’t matter (that used to be me).... but just maybe you know, deep down inside, that it does. ⁣ My journey isn’t one for the faint of heart. I faced indescribable loss. I watched my best friend in the entire world, my husband, the only man I’d ever loved & the father to my daughter slowly waste away to nothing before my eyes. He was 27 years old when he died. ⁣ I was left, 26 years old, a widowed mom to a nine-month-old baby girl. At first I didn’t care to know the answers. I was too pissed to think. I ran. I cowered. I numbed myself so that the silence couldn’t catch me. ⁣ And then... ⁣ I literally cannot wait to share the INS & OUTS of this incredible change. The moment I found out I was made for more, I was #MadeforBrave, will forever be etched into my memory. ⁣ The book is set to release this year ((official date coming to those on my email list SOON)) & I couldn’t be more excited to share what GOOD came of my tragedy & HOW. ⁣ Everything doesn’t happen for a reason, but we can absolutely create good out of anything that happens.✨⁣ SUBSCRIBE NOW & DONT MISS OUT: alyssagalios .com/book⁣

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