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Pull Up Your Anchor

So many people stand around, waiting for their ship to sail... but they haven’t even pulled the anchor.

We have SO MUCH more power than we give ourselves credit for. I used to think I had to “wait on God” to move in my life but then I realized that it was more that He was waiting FOR ME.

Nothing in your life will change just because you’re praying it will. You gotta work for what you want like it’s solely up to you, & then PRAY like it’s solely up to God.

Because... here’s the thing. He won’t force you to do anything you don’t want to do. BUT, on the flip side when your Creator finds you’re passionate about something that’s pure of heart... He will move the Universe so that everything in it HAS. YOUR. BACK. & propels your dream forward.

STOP thinking you are going to sail through without doing the work, my friend. If it’s time for a journey, YOU have to start the momentum toward the pathway you want to travel.

And, who knows, maybe that one step in the right direction... will have you stumbling upon an incredible group of people who are going the same way as you, too.

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