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What My Dreams Are Made Of

On a ten day book deadline for the managing editor so this momma has been working hard and playing hard so far this vacation. But, honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way... I’m BEYOND blessed to be able to show my girls what it looks like to live my life on purpose, pursuing my mission and what I’ve been called EVERY DAY from wherever I am.

Because what we do for “work” with coaching & writing, is so much less about what we DO & much more about who we ARE. I want to show my girls what’s possible. I want them to grow up knowing you absolutely can be an incredible, present momma, an extraordinary wife AND make a difference in the greater world.

Not everyone will do all the things. Not everyone needs to. But you won’t hear one complaint from me... Because writing about things that matter on the edge of the pool where my family plays in constant-seventy-degree weather... this is what my dreams are made of. ✨

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