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All Things Summer

Anyone else getting REALLY excited for Fourth of July & all things summer?! Because this bipolar weather in Seattle has me uber tunes into the fact that I am PUMPED for this season!!

This is a pic of The Carla Marie & I around Memorial Day... no we didn’t figure out how to climb those posts like spider monkeys but with how on top of our fitness & nutrition games we’ve been lately, I wouldn’t put it past us.

My girl here has been checking out Barry’s boot camps, rock climbing or whatever latest workout program of ours that floats her current boat, but ALWAYS doing her best to stick to a meal plan that works for her!

REMEMBER, you don’t have to be cookie cutter ANYTHING but you do have to START so you can make tweaks as you go to find what works for you! And that’s why I’m HERE!!

My GREATEST JOY is seeing people take back control of their health &... it’s even better when we get to become friends in the process!

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