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I Will Choose You Again and Again

My breath caught in my lungs at “death due us part.” I prayed it would last longer than just a little while... I begged God would spare my heart.

The leap to believe again, to hope again and to dream was made easier because of the man you are. Thank you for being unfailingly optimistic, undeniably honorable, & unapologetically determined to bring your best to this world. I count myself so lucky to even get to know you and unbelievably-miraculously-bawl-my-eyes-out blessed to call you mine.

God knew what He was doing when he directed our broken paths together. You’re my perfect second chapter. Everything I could ever need in a partner, lover, and best friend.

I love you more now than I ever did before. And I can’t imagine anything better than learning more about the incredible rhythms and changing seasons of life with you by my side.

Happy 3rd Anniversary, Jay Bay Bay! You’ve truly made a couple of princesses dreams come true... I won’t ever stop choosing you.

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