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This kid is almost 12 days post-op & doing SO WELL!! She spent 9 days chilling, mostly inside, recovering, eating tons of popsicles, & watching lots of shows (all per the doctor’s orders) & then this weekend... she was finally feeling well enough to taste freedom AND gyros!! It felt so good to get out of the house with our girls a few times this weekend because, admittedly, I didn’t leave the house much either this last week. Much easier for this momma heart to stay posted up next to her girl. 💕⁣ We haven’t heard a peep from her doctors regarding the biopsy. I’m considering no news, good news as they said I should but might just follow up with them just to be sure tomorrow. 😘 ⁣ It’s already looking like this is going to be a big help for her! Her breathing sounds so much better and she’s already sleeping better! 😭😍 ⁣ PRAISING GOD, because the last five years have seriously been an on-again, off-again battle. Also, SO DANG GRATEFUL for every single one of your prayers! You guys are just the best! First Grade kicks off on Wednesday & she’ll be going back to school at the same time everyone else! YAY! ⁣ PS. For those who might have missed the first posts on this, Austyn had a tonsillectomy & adenoidectomy after doctors finally suggested it would be worth it to see if it helped her ongoing breathing attacks she’s had since 9 months old &, as of late, her recurring strep infections.

During surgery they discovered her tonsils were so enlarged they were touching and only providing a small space for her to breathe. 😱 I’ve spent so much time at so many doctors and hospitals with her over the years and have high hopes this might FINALLY be our answer! 😭 #AustynElizabeth #MadeforBrave

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