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One Life to Live

The GOAL of the 21 Days to FIt Challenge is NOT to get abs like mine. The goal of the 21 Day Challenge is to get abs like yours. We aren't here to be the same, look the same, or create the same miracles in our lives.... BUT, I firmly believe that God planted us here to be our own unique selves and the VERY BEST version of ourselves. He gave us our bodies, our minds and our souls... To take care of. God DID NOT throw Adam and Eve into the Garden and say "Here's my awesome creation, go and destroy it, stomp on it, poison it, and treat it like its garbage..." He said "This is my creation. Tend to it. Make it grow. Make it fruitful. Be kind to this masterpiece." WE ARE HIS MASTERPIECE too... And you better bet that He wants what is best for you... And that He also expects you to get out of your own way in order to bring Him glory through your life being loved out as BEST you can. Nothing more is required... But, also, NOTHING LESS. ❤️

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