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Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This

The last few days (wait, weeks....) have been rough..... 😕 But, a SILVER LINING: One of the AWESOME things about challenging times is it makes your focus LAZER-SHARP. 💘 ✨I've been buried in building up my relationship with my creator. 👨‍👩‍👧I've been taking full advantage of my sweet little family and quality time with them. 🙌🏼I've been taking care of ME, doing exactly what my body needs: fueling it right and moving every day. AND ☺️I've been working with five new friends each month to help them reach their fitness goals. It's all basics for me now, and, you know what?? Life is pretty sweet at the basics... SIMPLE is SUSTAINABLE. 🙏🏼 So dang grateful for SO MANY things and so happy to have y'all by my side. ----- Today IS going to be a happy day. I've decided. 😍 And, so it is.

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