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Family Field Trip

GRATITUDE. IS. SO. GANGSTER. 🙏🏼 Today's assignment in our online fitness #21DaystoFitwithAlyssa accountability group was to figure out at LEAST ONE thing that we are UBBBER THANKFUL for. ❤️ I've been practicing gratitude for a LONG WHILE now so it's fairly easy for me to come up with a fairly long list of things I'm grateful for with only a few seconds notice. 🤗 But.... ONE *thankful thing* to share with our Fit fam today popped RIGHT OUT at me... Today, we got to go on a Field Trip with Austyn's preschool class!! And when I say "we".... I mean "WE!" As in me, Austyn AND Jay!! The WHOLE FAM. 👨‍👩‍👧 BOTH Mom & Dad going on our kiddos field trips on the regular... WHAT IS THIS MAGIC?! I cannot believe the legacy we are building for our family. One day at a time (and less than one year into this adventure) we have found this ability to live our lives FREELY. Without restrictions, without a boss, without PTO limitations... 🎉 We still GET to work hard. We GET to HELP as many people as we can! BUT, we have complete freedom to structure our lives around our FAMILY. Instead of structuring our family around our JOBS. I'm in ABSOLUTE AWE of all this good & aiming to just SOAK. SOAK UP all this GOOD so I can keep overflowing to the world around me. 🌎 #cantstopwontstop What are YOU grateful for today, friends?? #AustynElizabeth #FamilyFieldTrip #GaliosHouse

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