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Fall Group Sign Ups Open!

I have to say, working your own business from wherever you are has SO MANY DANG PERKS! 😄

From planning EVERYTHING this month around my upcoming 30th birthday 🎂, to LIVING in my sweatpants when I wanna (& then getting dressed up when I like) 👗, to Jay & I being ABLE to help my mom move all day today 🚚 .... It's a pretty LEGIT gig we got going on over here. And it's so dang FUN! 🤗

Kicking off next month's health & fitness accountability group tonight & couldn't be more PUMPED for the babes that are joining me for this round!! 💪🏼😍👏🏼

I'm seriously SO EXCITED for:

>> NEW RECIPES (pumpkin spice everythannng 🎃 because #duh)

>> CUSTOMIZED MEAL PLANS (because fall is BUSY, who has time to think?! 🍁)

>> 30 MINUTE at home workouts.... (pants are optional 😝)

I still remember the days I prayed for the things that I have now... 🙏🏼HEALTH. PURPOSE. DIRECTION. ENERGY.

You NEVER know what's on the other side of that valley, folks. But, you'll have to work through it to find out. ✌🏼

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