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Not Your Typical FIRST DAY Back to School Post:

Lets start here: The worry, the anxiety, the single mom marathon, the broken heart that I swore would never heal, the scraping money together, the lack of hope for a future, the way it was impossible for me to dream...

I remember the days I prayed for what I have now. Oh, I REMEMBER the days. 😣

It took me a while to get my feet under me, but once I did, I realized I had a choice. I could lay back down... Which would have been easier because, dang it, I was TIRED! OR, I could RUN.

And, y'all... I SPRINTED. With all my might. I RAN away from my depression.... towards my future, with a newfound faith in the God who actually cares. I did NOT see the light at the end of the tunnel when I took my first step. But, I knew that if I went far enough, & I brought a match... I could light the damn thing myself. 🙏

And, you guys, I did it. We did it. My creator & me. We built new dreams together. Ones perfectly kept & crafted in His hands. I saw visions of what might come.

But, friend, I never imagined *this.*

Today was Austyn's first day of K-Ready (one more year till Kindergarten - they've got fancy names for these things now! HA!) #fancypants

Jay & I took her for a little Starbucks treat as a family before school. And even though we had mentor calls scheduled, a call with a potential book coach, a plethora of other things on the business to-do list to attend to.... CHOOSING to put those things on the back burner was entirely up to us.

We didn't have to ask a boss. We didn't have to check with HR. We didn't even have to send an email or figure out if it would be worth the PTO. #sorrytohavetoaskagainbut...#canIcomeinlate


I KNEW after Nick died, I would NEVER go back to a full time job in an office, with a boss. NOT because I could afford to not work (HA!) but because I could NOT afford to work.

OTHER than the insane daycare fees that come from being a single working mom... I was NOT going to put my baby in the arms of someone else. Im not shaming moms who do. Because I get it. But, for me. For us. There was NO WAY. 🙅‍♀️

This girl already lost her daddy. She was NOT going to be missing time out with me too. And I lost my best friend, so you better bet I know how freaking PRECIOUS time with loved ones is. #onelifetolive

I moved to one of the cheapest beaches in the US, started my own contracted content creation for small businesses from my tiny town home. But, I knew I wanted to do MORE.

I wanted to impact PEOPLE. The fact that Jay Galios & I get to impact LIVES every single day FROM HOME is a dream come true. We spend ample time with our girl. We get to teach her & be with her. 🤗

And, it even affords me time to write my book on the side (for updates on the book, use the link in the comments of this post).

HOW I got here?

A whole lot of trust, a TON of COURAGE in the face of my VERY present & real fears... and, then I started walkin.

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