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Baby Brave is 12 Weeks!

GUESS WHAT?! You, beautiful souls, you!! 😍

TODAY is the DAY! 💕👶🏼💕Baby Brave is TWELVE WEEKS!!

And this mama is feeling GOOOOOD! 🙋🏼 The morning sickness has LEFT THE BUILDING!!

The endorphins I got from working out and my superfoods shake first thing in the morning HELPED with that during the early weeks! (I never once actually threw up!!) And sure enough, at 9.5 weeks, it completely went away! 🙏🏼😍🙌🏼 #praisejesus #forserious

💃🏻 Got my ENERGY back, 110%!!!

💪🏼 Back to WORKING OUT seven days a week of half hour workouts!! (Never thought I'd be stoked about that! Lol)

🍊 Baby G is the size of a clemintine orange & HEALTHY as can be!!!


😆 We are still JUST as excited as the day we found out! #partyoverhere 🍾🥂🤗🎉


Jay & I had decided, 5 weeks ago, that we were going to share our miracle with with world "early." Not because we needed the attention (quite the opposite 🙈) but because I knew that if we lost this babe too, I would WANT to share it with y'all.

Just because a miracle is SHORT LIVED doesn't mean it's a miracle any less. ✨🙏🏼✨ #treasuresinheaven

EVERY TIME, I've shared my tragedies with others, it didn't make it worse (believe me, nightmares like this can't really get any worse). BUT, I always got word afterward that it made somebody ELSE's life better. 🤗

And, THAT, to me, was worth it. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Here now... I hope this announcement gives somebody out there HOPE. & I had GIVEN UP on getting pregnant. We had miscarried early in October. I'd miscarried once with Nick... We were ready to move on with our lives and our own plans & decided to stop tracking, testing & "trying." 🙅🏼 I'm not saying it's the best thing for EVERYBODY, but for US, it felt like God was telling us it was time to trust Him and MOVE forward. #MadeforBrave

We were done. And I was OKAY with it. I wasn't even mad anymore. I accepted it and trusted in His plan. 😌

So, we did. We moved on....

And a mere 6 weeks later, a MIRACLE! 🙆🏼😇🤰


If you're pregnant, or trying, or WANTING a healthier lifestyle, REACH OUT. We have programs for everyone! For preggo mommas out there, we even have a workout routine SPECIFICALLY designed to help us have the best pregnancies🤰, labors 😤 & deliveries 😍 possible)!


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