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Link Arms, Change the World

Let me tell you a little bit about my beautiful sister. This girl is NOT just a pretty face. Let me tell you.>>> She's kind & caring & tough & sincere & opinionated & hilarious & one of the most intelligent people I know! 😍

Our family went through a very intense and emotional situation almost a decade ago that affected Kins most as she was only a freshman in high school & still living at home. 😥And, then, in her late teens, she started experiencing some pretty horrendous tummy issues and was later diagnosed with severe IBS. 😮 Not too long later, in 2011, she lost her cherished brother in law (my late husband Nick) to cancer. 😭

DESPITE ALLLL of the tough stuff, Kinslee is ALWAYS trying to be better and ALWAYS trying to help others. 🤗 She's an elementary school teacher. 👩‍🏫 AND, has started up her own health & fitness company to boot, helping others get their digestion on track & get back to healthy! 💃 Its incredible to see how far she has come and the impact she has made on her own life and so many others's as well! 💕From her students to her health clients, she is making WAVES in our communities &, no doubt, around this world!! 🏄‍♀️

This little sis of mine recently moved to San Diego and while I miss her intently, its amazing to see how we've always held such a strong friendship, despite our differences. 😊 Whether she was in Cali or I was in Idaho or Florida, we've been there for each other through thick & thin. ✌️

And you know what? Its not always EASY to stay close to family. But, when you find somebody, blood or not, whose passion for BETTERMENT & passion for PEOPLE matches yours, you link arms & press on, together! 👭

FREAKING PROUD to be your big sister, Kinslee & SO GLAD we got to spend this weekend together. 😍 EVERYONE who gets the privilege of being taught by you, befriended by you, coached by you, loved by you is ABSOLUTELY blessed!! 🙏

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