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6 Months Free

As of this past weekend, it's been 6 months since I left the corporate world.

Monday-Friday, pay check to pay check, constantly waiting for the weekend to arrive so I could finally enjoy 2 days of short-lived freedom.

Many people thought I was crazy that I would leave the comfort of a well-paying 'secure' job with benefits. I mean, I was with an amazing company (one of the largest apparel manufacturers and distributors in the world), was exceptionally successful as an Account Executive handling accounts that ran multi-million dollar orders each quarter, and climbing the corporate ladder. But I knew that the higher I climbed, the more would be expected of me, and the less free time I would have to do the things I love and be with the people I love.

I know many entrepreneurs with successful companies but they have very little free time. I wanted a business that I could take ownership of rather than the business owning me. Does that make sense?

I wanted to find a way to build a system, create an asset that works whether I'm present or not. A business I could build when I chose to, work with who I wanted to, and work remote from wherever I am.

Lucky for me, my wife had started her own health and fitness coaching business and, right away, when I looked at what she had going & how much it had already helped our family in our personal fitness journeys - I knew this was the answer!

I went all in with her and not very long after, we were able to retire me from that ole 9-5! At 30 years old, I was DONE with corporate.

We have built the foundation for a successful long term health and fitness business and we still choose to work hard because we've got big dreams and we know there are a ton more people out there that need our help and what we have to offer.

We spend a lot of our time mentoring and coaching others how to run their own businesses, too! What a blessing it is to pay it forward, helping many others build their own dreams and putting fulfillment back into their lives!

Plus... I may be a bit biased, but I've got a pretty awesome business partner. She's gorgeous too! 😉

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