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Because You CAN.

Sometimes I do it for me. ☝🏼

Sometimes I do it for my family.

And.. SOMETIMES my motivation comes from somewhere DEEPER. 🙏🏼

Nick died of cancer at 27 years old. My husband DIED because of a disease that presumably has “no cause” but has been on the rise in our society just as quickly as we’ve adopted horribly unhealthy lifestyles. 🤔#correlation

We STRESS, we eat CRAP, we don’t MOVE our bodies... & then we get SICK. 😷 And DANGIT, it IS infuriating because “How are we supposed to know?” right?! 🤷🏼‍♀️

As much as we’d like to assume it just can’t be helped and it’s easier to assume as such because it means we DON’T have to change... 👉🏼 We can stop more of this disease than most of us assume. Working out, eating clean and green, & living a relatively stress free life... won’t solve EVERYTHING, but it DOES do SOMETHING! #justspeakingtruth 🌱

WHY NOT enjoy every day until the end? WHY NOT live out your life being hyper aware of your body and what it can do FOR you? This body, this vessel, that carries your soul through life... it’s deserving of more than a $1 cheeseburger and another night on the couch. 😬

My friend & fellow online fitness coach Brittany Crosby is fighting for her life again, against a formidable disease. And you know what?!

SHE STILL pushes PLAY on her at home workouts every. damn. day. 💪🏼

You wonder how I find the motivation to keep going? Friends, it’s all in this community. The secret sauce is these groups. Without the babes in our fit family, I might let my own RIDICULOUS excuses get in the way.

Today I did it for her. Brittany has yet another surgery today and then starts chemo up for a second time.

Shoot up a couple extra prayers for my friend, would you? 🙏🏼

And dang it, for HER, would you go and do something GOOD for that able body of yours?

You know some people don’t even have a choice whether they workout or eat right today, because they are strapped to a hospital bed with only ice chips on the menu. 😑

I’m sorry, but your EXCUSES are crap. You have the time, you have the resources (Me!). When will you be done using your inability to change as a reason to live a LESSER life than that of what you are capable of? 🎤 ⬇️

Use up what you’ve been given... EXERCISE your BLESSINGS. 🏋🏻‍♀️

It’s the only way to truly LIVE.

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