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You Might Already Be Halfway There

I used to think my little girl and I were destined for a life of darkness, sadness, grief and despair. 😢

The cards we’d been dealt surely painted a nasty picture... we’d STRUGGLE financially, I’d NEVER find purpose in my pain, she’d always feel a GAPING hole in her heart.

And then...

For ONE MOMENT, I let down my guard, I opened my hands & I asked the universe to show me the way out. 🙏🏼 To show me the truth.

And, that moment of SURRENDER opened up a vulnerable place.

That’s when LOVE broke through. ✨

You won’t know you’re going to make it, until you’re way over halfway there.

So, don’t give up just because the outlook seems bleak now.

Don’t stop walking or surrendering or trying just because things seem difficult! 🙅🏼‍♀️

Open yourself up to what IS possible & then WATCH the magic begin to unfold.

I STILL remember the days I dreamed about what I have now... 💕

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