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LOVE. It's the ONLY Thing We Can Depend On.

All I want for Christmas this year is for my life to stay exactly as it is RIGHT. NOW. 😍

But, that’s not really how life works. Days move on, things change, seasons come & go.

The ONLY THING that will stay constant in this life is LOVE. Its the ONLY thing we can depend on. Not even loving one person or the love OF another person. Because as much as we want to promise each other “FOREVER,” forever isn’t always long enough. 💕

But the ONE love, the REAL love, the SOURCE of love... the very same LOVE that created this universe & these beating hearts. 🙏🏼 THAT LOVE we can depend on, no matter WHAT our circumstances are. Good or Bad.

Today was a slow day for the #GaliosHouse. A little bit of Christmas 🎄shopping, house projects for the little babe growing in this tummy of mine, a few more ornaments to add to the tree & gift wrapping with my little girl (she’s ACTUALLY a pro)! 🎁

And, even though my house is a WRECK and there are still a million things to do, we a pulled up on the couch watching Christmas movies and eating popcorn. 🍿

Because: THIS MOMENT, THIS SEASON... is worth holding onto for as long as humanly possible. ✨

Store the good days RIGHT UP in your heart & be AWARE of the IMMENSE RARITY of every single moment. NONE of them come around twice. ❤️

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