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24 Months

Hold on, friend, the universe is working in your favor... 💕

Two years ago, Jay proposed to me in the most Bachelor-esque of ways. Complete with ice skating, mistletoe, live Christmas carols, my favorite champagne, some of our best friends, magical snowfall, a lit from within ring box and a sparkly diamond.

But, y’all, it wasn’t any of those *things* that swayed me to say yes. TRULY.

It was the vow I had made, the promise I had wrought into my heart. I was determined, independent & I had fought my way back from hell. I wouldn’t let another soul near mine, I had decided it long before.

My story of a long-lost-love was good enough for me. I didn’t need a man to make me happy and Nick had already done that... We’d shoved a lifetime of happiness into our short six years before my husband passed away in my arms, into a world where I could not follow, a world where I could not go. One, where, surely our then nine-month-old daughter did not belong.

I was left here... I determined, to raise that little girl as best as I could. And, to figure out how to rise to the occasion.

I read Esther over and over again.

“... perhaps you were born for such a time as now.”

And, I studied enough to believe it. NOW was the time for which I’d been created. Even though I was fearful, I laid my fears down & decided to believe: I was strong enough, brave enough, wise enough to raise a little human on my own, with the help of God who had my back.

I would be a kick-butt single mom!

And then... this. Him.

Unexpected? Entirely. Unprecedented? Absolutely.

But somehow miraculously, incredulously planned?! Every single atom in the universe pointed to YES...

And, so, that night, two years ago... I had said it... confident and sure:


YES to giving up my stubborn independence.

YES to promising to do the work to choose love each day.

YES to raising my child with you.

And now, here we are... a house, a business, a coming book & a coming baby later. And, I couldn’t be more sure.

I’m so glad I HELD ON through those seemingly-endless darkest days and then, when the time was right, LET GO of my stubborn hold on my control & independence.

Because, it’s absolutely true... When you TRUST the God of the universe with everything you have, He will slant absolutely EVERYTHING in your favor. ❤️

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